Editor’s note: read part 1 (hey, I wrote you a love letter)

I wrote these words for you,

every single letter is true.

If you’re reading this,

know that I love you.

Photo by Will O on Unsplash

Hi, it’s been a while. I miss you and when I say I miss you, I mean to say I miss seeing the dimples on your face when you smile, I miss the lingering scent your perfume leaves when you exit a room. I miss having your fingers intertwined with mine and your skin brushing against mine when we hug. I miss the way your hair smells like cold air breeze and shea butter. I miss you in every sense of the word.

You’re the epitome of love in it’s truest sense. How do I know? Because with you I feel at peace and reassured every single day. I hold your hand and suddenly my insides feel as mushy as a well made red velvet cake. When you speak to me all I can think about is how your voice blends like egusi and palm oil on a hot stove. When you’re mad at me head pounds like an angry Yoruba boy over a mortar of yam. That is how I know what I feel for you is love.

Nke’m(my own), Onye Ji Obi’m(the one who has my heart). How do I describe what I feel when I see you? People say their hearts skip a beat when they see the one they love, mine doesn’t. My heart simmers into a calm rhythm and there isn’t a beat out of pace, because with you nothing is out of place. You calm me without even a single word. How could I not love you?

I want to love you in every single love language. Do you love physical touch? I’ll give you a hug anytime we see. Are acts of service your thing? Send me a message of a task I could help you with. Quality time? Text me your number and I promise to call for as long as you need. Receiving gifts? What would you like? Email me your wishlist.

My words of affirmation to you are: please remember you are important and at all times, special. You are a queen, regal in every way. Never dim your light for any reason. Believe in your sauce at all times even though doubt may creep in. Life is meant for living, live it to the fullest on your own terms.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

I wrote these words for you,

every single letter is true.

I love to write.